SEAT Transmission Service; DSG, Multitronic Gearbox

SEAT DSG Transmission

The Direct-Shift Gearbox (German: Direkt-Schalt-Getriebe), commonly abbreviated to DSG, is an electronically controlled dual clutch multiple-shaft manual gearbox, in a transaxle design.

Operating without a conventional clutch pedal, and with full automatic, or semi-manual control. The first actual Dual Clutch transmissions arrived from Porsche in-house development for 962 racing cars in the 80’s.

In simple terms, it is two separate manual gearboxes, contained within one housing, and working as one unit. By using two independent clutches, faster shift times can be achieved, and the traditional torque converter of a conventional automatic transmission is eliminated.

Whether you have a DSG, CVT, multitronic or tiptronic gearbox it is important to service and maintain them as per manufacturers guidelines. The reason for this is oil thins and loses its viscosity over time. This can potentially wear internal gearbox components prematurely and result in EXPENSIVE repairs!!

DSG Gearbox Oil – Audi Every 40k

Audi recommend that the oil in your DSG Gearbox is changed every 40,000, with a new filter.

  • DSG fluid (6 units of G052182A2)
  • DSG filter (02E305051C)

Straightline are experienced with work on such high-tech equipment as the Audi DSG Gearbox.

from  £150.00 +VAT

CVT, Multi and Tiptronic Gearbox Oil – Audi Every 40k

Audi recommend that you change the oil in these gearboxes every 40,000.

from  £140.00 +VAT

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